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# Name Jurisdictions
1 EFG Hermes Holding Egypt
2 Financial Brokerage Group Egypt
3 Egyptian Fund Management Group Egypt
4 Egyptian Portfolio Management Group Egypt
5 Hermes Securities Brokerage Egypt
6 Hermes Fund Management Egypt
7 EFG-Hermes Advisory Inc. BVI
8 EFG-Hermes Financial Management (Egypt) Limited. Bermuda
9 Bayonne Enterprises Ltd. BVI
10 EFG-Hermes Management Egypt
11 EFG-Hermes Private Equity Ltd BVI
12 EFG-Hermes U.A.E. LLC UAE
13 EFG-Hermes UAE Limited UAE
14 EFG-Hermes Fixed Income Egypt
15 EFG-Hermes Promoting & Underwriting Egypt
16 Hermes Corporate Finance Egypt
17 Flemming CIIC Holdings Egypt
18 Flemming Mansour Securities Egypt
19 Flemming CIIC Securities Egypt
20 Flemming CIIC Corporate Finance Egypt
21 MENA Opportunities Management Limited Cayman Islands
22 MENA (BVI) Holdings Limited BVI
23 Middle East North Africa Financial Investments W.L.L. Bahrain
24 EFG-Hermes KSA Saudi Arabia
25 EFG-Hermes Frontier Holdings Ltd UAE
26 EFG-Hermes Holding – Lebanon Lebanon
27 EFG-Hermes Lebanon Lebanon
28 Tanmeyah Micro Enterprise Services S.A.E Egypt
29 EFG-Hermes MENA Securities Limited BVI
30 EFG-Hermes Regional Investments Ltd. Cayman Islands
31 EFG-Hermes Oman LLC. Oman
32 EFG-Hermes IFA Financial Brokerage Company Kuwait
33 Offset Holding KSC Kuwait
35 EFG Hermes CB Holding Limited Cayman Islands
36 EFG Hermes Global CB Holding Limited Cayman Islands
37 EFG Hermes Syria LLC (under liquidation) Syria
38 Sindyan Syria LLC (under liquidation) Syria
39 Talas & Co. LLP (under liquidation) Syria
40 EFG Hermes Jordan Jordan
41 MENA Long Term Value Feeder Holdings Ltd. Cayman Islands
42 MENA Long-Term Value Master Holdings Ltd. Cayman Islands
43 MENA Long-Term Value Management Ltd. Cayman Islands
44 EFG Hermes CL Holding SAL Lebanon.
45 EFG-Hermes Direct Investment Fund Egypt
46 EFG Hermes Investment Fund Co. Egypt
47 EFG-Hermes IB Limited Cayman Islands
48 Financial Group for Securitization Egypt
49 Beaufort Investments S.à.r.l. Luxembourg
50 EFG - Hermes USA USA
51 EFG Capital Partners III Cayman Islands
52 Health Mangement Company Cayman Islands
53 EFG Hermes Kenya LTD Kenya
54 EFG Finance Holding Egypt
55 EFG Hermes Pakistan Limited Pakistan
56 EFG Hermes UK Limited UK
57 OLT Investment International Company (B.S.C) Bahrain
58 Frontier Investment Management Partners LTD UAE
59 EFG Hermes SP Limited Cayman Islands
60 Valu Egypt
61 EFG Hermes Corp Solutions Egypt
62 Beaufort Asset Managers LTD UK
63 EFG-Hermes PE Holding Ltd UAE
64 EFG-Hermes Bangladesh Bangladesh
65 EFG Hermes FI Limited Cayman Islands
66 EFG Hermes Securitization Egypt
67 Etkan for Inquiry and Collection and Business Processes Egypt
68 RX HealthCare Management Mauritius
69 FIM Partners KSA Capital Saudi Arabia
70 Egypt Education Fund GP Limited UAE
71 EFG Hermes Nigeria Limited Nigeria
72 EFG-Hermes Int. Fin Corp Cayman Islands
73 FIM Partners UK Ltd UK
74 EFG Hermes Sukuk Egypt


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Foundation Highlights

The EFG Hermes Foundation was honoured by EMEA Finance for its continuous efforts to expand and improve treatment for Hepatitis C in Egypt.