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Our Projects

Since 2006, the EFG Hermes Foundation has been supporting innovative, high impact projects that are assisting those most in need in our local communities. Our financial support and validation of these campaigns has played a vital role in both their early successes and their ongoing efforts to maximise the positive social impact of each project.

Our programme focuses on underserved communities, directing grants to projects that are operating in one of three focal areas:

Focal Area: Poverty Alleviation

The EFG Hermes Foundation supports a number of projects aiming to provide disadvantaged communities with the essentials needed for them to build and sustain a brighter future. Fundamental to poverty alleviation efforts are sustainable models that provide affordable housing, clean water, and safe and efficient waste disposal. These essentials allow individuals, families, and communities to focus their energies on income-generating activities.

  • Naga’ El Fawal and El Deir Village Development Project

  • Al-Makhzan Village Development Project in Qena Governorate

  • Ro’ya ― Poverty Alleviation in Ezbet Yacoub

  • The Habitat

  • The Water and Latrine Facilities

  • Microfinance

Focal Area: Disease Prevention

The spread of preventable diseases continues to exact a grave toll on local communities, particularly residents of urban and peri-urban slum areas. The key to disease prevention is public health education. The EFG Hermes Foundation funds a number of disease prevention awareness campaigns, which are effectively limiting the spread of the most devastating preventable diseases in targeted communities.

  • Blood Drive at EFG Hermes

  • Assiut University Project

  • National Campaign for A/H1N1 Awareness in Schools

  • Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign

  • Hepatitis B Awareness and Combat

  • Medical Convoys

Focal Area: Youth Development

The MENA region is experiencing a “youth bulge”, a term population experts use to describe a demographic phenomenon where a disproportionate percentage of the population is under the age of 30. Publicly-funded educational institutions throughout the region are struggling to serve the needs of this youth demographic, with resulting high unemployment. The EFG Hermes Foundation is supporting a number of organisations that are engaging disadvantaged youth to unlock their true potential, offering them quality opportunities to build their skill sets and secure a better future.

  • Unite for Children

  • Youth Sustainability and Viability Fund

  • The Paper and Graphics Centre

  • Food for Education Programme

  • Community Centre and Non-Formal Education

  • Egyptian Paralympics Committee

  • MOVE Foundation

  • Students in Free Entrerprise (SIFE)

  • KidZania Initiative

Foundation Highlights

The EFG Hermes Foundation was honoured by EMEA Finance for its continuous efforts to expand and improve treatment for Hepatitis C in Egypt.